Rie Harui


RIEFE embraces the concept of “Beauty of Strength.” Our jewellery represents those who live their lives true to themselves, unaffected by other’s influence. We offer jewellery that exudes positive power and strength, ensuring encouragement and fulfilment in the hearts of those who wear it.

Our jewellery design embodies the designer’s philosophy and ideas that reflect what she sees and feels in the present. The edgy, impactful designs, use a variety of high quality-colored gemstones with special cuts that achieve a harmonious coexistence of strength and beauty. The innovative and structured forms of our designs are often inspired by art, architecture and music.

Our Gemologist designer oversees the entire process from design to model making and production. Each unique design is individually crafted and produced using advanced craftsmanship from Japan. We also offer semi customization services giving us the ability to customize creations according to our customer’s bespoke needs including stones, metals and setting methods.


Rie moved to Los Angeles, at the age of 17 where she started taking an interest in Jewellery including learning wax curving from Guillaume Pajolec(former Chrome Hearts) which led her to begin exploring her own way to express herself with Jewellery designs. After obtaining her Gemologist certification from GIA she moved to Paris, France in order to acquire knowledge and study traditional jewellery at LA HAUTE ECOLE DE JOAILLERIE.

After returning to Japan she started working as a freelance designer under contract with adidas AG for “Y-3,” where she was engaged with the design and production of all the accessories.

In 2018 she launched RIEFE JEWELLERY and worked with TAAKK providing jewellery designs in 2019 before being designated as a creative designer for Yohji Yamamoto by RIEFE in 2020, Yohji Yamamoto’s jewellery collection. Rie is a mother to her daughter and is the directing producer for both RIEFE JEWELLERY and Yohji Yamamoto by RIEFE.


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